Pet Masks for National Fire Safety Month 2010

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Wag’N Enterprises, Petplan & McCulloch Medical are working their tails off to raise awareness about the need for every fire department in North America to acquire Pet Oxygen Masks and carry them on their trucks to help save pet lives. 
October is National Fire Safety Month. There is no better time to raise awareness about keeping your family safe!
McCulloch Medical will cover the cost of shipping on all kits sponsored and acquired starting October 1through October 31 2010. Therefore Wag’N will be offering FREE Shipping on all pet oxygen mask kits orders (‘First Responder’ and ‘Sponsor’) intended for use by first responders.
Petplan pet insurance and Wag’N Enterprises pet safety gear are joining forces to offer free rescue window alerts for dogs and cats. Click here to customize a pet rescue alert! For every 100 alerts created, Petplan will donate a Wag’N Oxygen Mask Kit to a rescue company. (Click here for full press release)

All first responder, sponsor and fellowship orders are affordably priced at $65 per kit. Each kit includes:

 1 Small Mask + oxygen tube
1 Medium Mask + oxygen tube
1 Large Mask + oxygen tube
1 Wag’N Pet Oxygen Mask Bag (Can be used to temporarily restrain Cats and other small animals)
1 ABCs Diagram For Cats & Dogs
1 Set of Instructions (flow rate details)
1 CPR Magnet for Cats & Dogs
1 “Pet Oxygen Masks On Board” decal for display at the station
1 “Pet Oxygen Masks On Board” decal per kit for display on emergency vehicles
1 PowerPoint Presentation to train your personnel
1 “Pets Need Oxygen Too” Instructional DVD per order
1 Wag’N Leash


Sponsors Click HERE to Sponsor Your Department 
First Responders Click HERE to Order Your Kits

US Residents are scheduled to set their clocks back 1 hour on November 7, 2010 ending Daylight Savings for 2010. This is an early reminder to all to remember to change the batteries in your Smoke Detector!

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