What is a Pet Protection Agreement?

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Two-thirds of all Americans consider their pets to be family members. When we took on a pet we took on the responsibility of care. But what happens should something bad happen to us that would keep us from caring for our beloved pets? Who will take take of them, how can I make sure my pets don’t end up euthanized in a shelter?

Developed in conjunction with noted animal law attorney, Rachel Hirschfeld, a Pet Protection Agreement makes it easy to ensure your current and future pets are cared for by someone you trust. It requires less maintenance than a formal pet trust and, most importantly, it could save your pet’s life in a time of confusion.

What’s the difference between a Pet Trust & a Pet Protection Agreement?
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Find Pet Trust State Statutes here

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– Nobody likes to think something bad is going to happen to them! That doesn’t keep it from happening.
– A vast majority of people who were critically injured, suffered from a life threatening medical or trauma or dies today, probably didn’t wake up and see it coming. 
– Over 500,000 companion animals were euthanized this year because their pet owners died, moved into nursing homes or assisted-living situations, or otherwise were no longer able to care for them, and left them behind without enforceable plans.

How would you answer some of these questions: 
– What do you think will happen to your animal companion after you die?
– Who is best suited (emotionally, physically and financially) to care for your animal companion(s)?
– Is this best suited person/entity willing to take over the care? (tricky difference between reality and wishful thinking). What if none of the people you name can or are willing to take on the care? Is there an animal rescue group you can name who could and would?
– What’s the standard of living you want your animal companion to have?
– What do you want your pet guardian to know about your pet’s care (feeding, standard & emergency veterinary care, exercise, etc) 
– Do you support euthanasia for your pets if events warrant? 
– Do you prefer burial or cremation for your pet?  
Not the most pleasant thoughts. But wouldn’t you feel better knowing that should something happen sooner rather than later your plan can be implemented? If you already have a will or life insurance and have companion animals please consider them. The cost of the Pet Protection Agreement starts at $39. That is peace of mind that we can all afford!

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