Departments That Received Pet Oxygen Masks in December 2010

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See below for list of Departments that received and/or acquired this wonderful pet life saving tool!
Sponsor: Petplan Pet Insurance

Location: See Below
Department Name: 
Fire & EMS
 Alliance, OH – Alliance Fire Department
Stanton, KY – Clay City Vol Fire Department
Clinton, ME – Clinton Fire/EMS
Columbia, MO – Columbia Fire Department
Cornelius, NC – Cornelius-Lemley Fire & Rescue
Gastonia, NC – Gastonia Fire Department
Georgetown, SC – Georgetown City Fire Department
Hazard, KY – Hazard Fire & Rescue
Mayfield, OH – Mayfield Village Fire Department
Middleton, MA -Middleton Fire Department
Rome, NY – New London Volunteer Fire Department
Pinole, CA – City of Pinole Fire Department
Fairfield, CT – Stratfield Volunteer Fire Department
Beloit, WI – Town of Turtle Fire Department
Stockton, KS – Stockton Fire & Rescue
Willoughby, OH – Willoughby Fire Department
Prospect, KY – Worthington Fire Department
 Police K9 Units
Beaverton, OR – Beaverton Police Department
Big Spring, TX – Big Spring Police Department
Bethlehem, PA – Colonial Regional Police Department K9 Unit
Edina, MN – Edina Police Department K9 Unit
Liberty Hill, TX – Liberty Hill Police Department
Red Wing, MN – Red Wing Police Department K9 Unit
Simsbury, CT -Simsbury Police Department
Somerset, KY – Somerset Police Department K9 Unit
Reading, PA -Township of Spring Police Department K9 Unit
14 kits remain unspoken for. Fire and rescue departments interested in receiving a free oxygen mask kit should contact by December 31. 

# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 40 (One per department) 

Location: El Segundo, CA
Department Name: El Segundo Fire Department

# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 4 

Sponsor: Girl Scout Troop 1815
Location: Imperial, MO
Department Name: Shady Valley Fire Protection District

# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 3 

Sponsor: Terry Delcore
Location: See Below
Department Name:  
Malta, IL – Malta Fire Department
Sycamore, IL – Sycamore Fire Department
Cortland, IL – Cortland Fire Department
DeKalb, IL – DeKalb Fire Department
DeKalb, IL – DeKalb Police Department

# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 12 

Sponsor: Sit ‘n Stay Global LLC
Location: Long Beach, CA
Department Name: City of Long Beach Fire Department

# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1


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