Guest Post: Update on the PVD Pet Oxygen Mask Project

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When we first started the PVD Pet Oxygen Mask Project I told Ines, owner of Wag’N Enterprises Inc., that my goal was to outfit the entire Providence, RI Fire Department with pet Oxygen Masks by the end of 2011.  She encouraged me to shorten my goal to the end of 2010, a mere four months away from the time I was just starting to consider the project.  I thought that was a pretty lofty goal. I thought I’d come close, but really didn’t think I’d be able to make it become a reality.  Sure enough though, with the help of many truly wonderful people, we did it! (Albeit down to the wire – on New Year’s Eve we received generous donation for the last three kits needed!)   From August to December we raised enough funds to outfit every fire department rig in Providence with these life saving devices.
I’m so thrilled and thankful to have reached our goal, especially so quickly!  I would love to thank the following for their support:

* Alana Thorpe
* Marcotte Transport Inc
* Kara Shannon
* In Memory of Scooby Doo
* John Kennedy
* Judith Shannon
* Barnaby Evans
* Ann Fry
* Rick Wright
* RI Mag!
* Mary Vilorio
* Carla Branden
* MacLeod Family
* Kellie Santos
* Holly Jensen
* Kevin Capece (birthday gift from Fran Lehman)
* Kathleen, Dan, Alyssa & Makayla Holmes
* Jerry Fox of Dezign Safari
* Sierra Barnhardt- Barter
* Kerran Ascoli of Spirit Animal Massage
Due to the generosity of the people noted above we were able to purchase 30 kits – 26 of which are pictured here:

This project has been truly inspiring, not only because of the great people I’ve met and the generosity that has brought my first goal to fruition, but also because of the numerous success stories I’ve read in regards to the masks working the way they were designed to.  Every time I read these stories, see the horror and then pure joy and relief on the owners’ faces and see how proud the fire fighters are when they are able to bring a beloved pet back from certain death it never fails to bring tears to my eyes. 
I’m happy to announce that since the project was so successful we will continue to raise funds for neighboring cities & towns. 


Amanda Shannon
Find us on Facebook: PVD Pet Oxygen Mask Project


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