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Charity Dog Wash For Washington DC Fire/EMS Department

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WHERE: Bark’N Bubbles Dog Wash. 20604 Gordon Park Sq, #170, Ashburn, VA 20147

WHEN: Saturday September 19. From 11AM to 3PM

Wag’N & Bark’N Bubbles are organizing a Charity Dog Wash to benefit the Washington DC Fire Department!

Like previsously mentioned our goal is to ensure that DC Fire Battalion Chiefs and K9 Units can starts carrying Pet Oxygen Mask Kits by early October 2009. In order to make that happen we need to raise funds for 11 kits priced at $85 each.

We managed to get NoVa Dog Magazine to pledge 1 kit and raise funds through its magazine subscription  and The Bid Bad Woof pet store in DC to pledge 1 kit and take donations on site.

For this upcoming event we managed to get roughly 30 volunteers to wash your pooch. The GMU Lacrosse Team is allowed to skip practice on Saturday to help out. We need dogs to wash! Lots of doggies!

I know that Ashburn VA is FAR for DC residents! The drive is well worth it though. Saturday September 19 has another great event in Ashburn! The well know holistic pet store named Dog Gone Natural is celebrating its new location.

You can wag by the Dog Gone Natural Festivities Saturday from 11AM to 3PM before we wash your pooch, as we wash your pooch  or after we have washed your pooch!

Attending the event will be local rescue groups with dogs & puppies for adoption, pet sitters, holistic vets, photographers, and representatives from the various products offered at DogGone Natural. In addition, raffles will be held all day with prizes well over $2500.

There will be several special guests this year that will attend the event including Charles Mann (former Washington Redskins Great), The Hogettes and Chief Zee (Redskin Super-Fans). Creator of “Great Life Pet Products” and holistic doctor; Elliott Harvey will talk with the audience about animal nutrition. Elliott Harvey MH, is the author of the highly acclaimed natural healing book “The Healthy Wholistic Dog”.

Finally, the day will feature the truly inspirational 2 Dogs 2000 Miles trio. Luke Robinson and his two dogs Hudson & Murphy are walking 2,000 miles, from Austin to Boston, with his two Great Pyrenees dogs over a two-year period to raise awareness of Canine Cancer.  Their march is to bring awareness to this frightening issue and stimulate interest in the funding of canine oncology studies that will help not only dogs but also people.

So if you missed 2 Dogs 2000 Miles at the Wag’N 4 The Cure Event there is your chance.

Wag’N will take donations at its booth!

So what are you waiting for? Start the Adventure. Venture out the Beltway to Help the DC Fire Department and have a blast! See you there!


What IF Hollywood Writers Included Pet Oxygen Masks in Scripts?

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Did you watch Walt Disney’s movie “Bolt”? It’s a cartoon about a dog named Bolt.
Bolt is a movie star who thinks his life as a super hero is real…humans insist on making him believe that. The illusion comes to a screeching halt when he is shipped to NY by mistake. He then needs to make his way back to CA as a real dog.

Without being a party pooper, there is a scene at the end where Bolt & his human “Penny” are trapped in a burning structure. Penny is saved by Bolt, of course, but she has suffered from smoke inhalation and once the ambulance takes her away she is given O2 via a non-rebreather mask (NRB) and Bolt is placed in the ambulance, on her stretcher, but with NO O2 oxygen therapy.

In the script you see Bolt affected by the smoke. The camera zooms in Penny’s NRB…

The premise of the movie is that Bolt is a real dog. And real dogs can be heros! Yet we can’t extent them the courtesy of a pet oxygen mask.

What if Hollywood writers got the point?
What if we stopped making it cool to let a dog of any size ride shotgun?
What if it was cool to buckle up the pet?
What if all K9 officers where issued super cool ballistic vests?
What if any super hero pet who rescues humans from fires could be given O2 on the scene with pet oxygen masks?

You say…with IFs…we could make cheese talk…Walt Disney CAN!

So we just need to make that IF a Hollywood option.

Guinea Pigs can be be in under water spy suits…a dog can get O2 thru a pet oxygen mask, NO? The option wasn’t there for Lassie…but it is available this decade…lets make it happen!

What’s crazier?
A Pet oxygen mask to help a super hero dog or a guinea pig night vision goggle and blow torch?

If you have any ideas, thoughts, suggestions as to how to make that happen please do share.

Wag it Out!