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Welcome To The Pet Oxygen Mask Blog

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We are here to blog about fire, EMS, Police departments and Military, SART & CERT Teams,K9 Units, Search & Rescue Teams that have acquired the life saving equipment, namely Pet Oxygen Masks.

Over 40,000 pets each year die of smoke asphyxiation. Pet Oxygen masks are cone-shaped masks that can be used both on conscious pets that have suffered from smoke inhalation and pets that need to be resuscitated after losing consciousness as a result of their exposure to the dangerous toxic fumes.

This blog is brought to you by Ines de Pablo from VA based Wag’N Enterprises, LLC.

Wag’N provides pet oxygen masks to all the department types listed here above as well as individuals who need to keep their pets on oxygen therapy and breeders. Our focus though is bringing pet oxygen masks to first responders across the USA & Canada.

We are really trying to get a discussion Wag’N for all those of you fellow readers that want to learn more about:

– why departments need pet oxygen masks,

– success stories

– how to use them

– what the options are

– how to acquire them

– how to find out which departments already have them

– how you can donate

– how you can make a request for donations

– who can donate them

– misunderstandings about the concept, etc

All these topics and then some will be covered here.

If you have any questions please feel free to post. We do check to control spammers.

No use of profanity and/or insults permitted.

Semper Wag’N


Rescue Alert Stickers Are Just The Beginning

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Losing a pet in a house fire can be a devastating experience. As most pet owners leave their furry companions home alone when they go to work, pets are left to fend for themselves in the event of a house fire. Although installing ‘rescue alert stickers’ may seem sufficient to some, the pets life is not assured. Unlike humans looking to run out during fires, pets instinctively look for a hiding place to protect them from the fire.

When first responders arrive at the scene, the alert sticker will them identify a residence with pets. Please keep in mind that when that pet is extricated from the burning structure that pet will have inhaled toxic amounts of smoke, toxic fumes (from burning rugs, carpets, household chemicals, plastic, etc) and will suffer from Smoke Inhalation. First responders will need to provide pure oxygen on the scene before transport to that pet in order for it to have a change at recovery. Smoke inhalation kills people and pets. We all have lungs!

So get your Alert Sticker but remember to provide your first responders with this additional tool for their toolbox, namely the Pet Oxygen Mask Kits. That will truly make a difference in your pets chances at recovery.

Pet Oxygen Masks can resuscitate animals suffering from smoke inhalation. They can be used on dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, even birds and they are the perfect solution for emergency responders. We encourage you to support your local Fire/EMS and Police Departments with donations to help them acquire such necessary equipment.