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Charity Dog Wash For Washington DC Fire/EMS Department

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WHERE: Bark’N Bubbles Dog Wash. 20604 Gordon Park Sq, #170, Ashburn, VA 20147

WHEN: Saturday September 19. From 11AM to 3PM

Wag’N & Bark’N Bubbles are organizing a Charity Dog Wash to benefit the Washington DC Fire Department!

Like previsously mentioned our goal is to ensure that DC Fire Battalion Chiefs and K9 Units can starts carrying Pet Oxygen Mask Kits by early October 2009. In order to make that happen we need to raise funds for 11 kits priced at $85 each.

We managed to get NoVa Dog Magazine to pledge 1 kit and raise funds through its magazine subscription  and The Bid Bad Woof pet store in DC to pledge 1 kit and take donations on site.

For this upcoming event we managed to get roughly 30 volunteers to wash your pooch. The GMU Lacrosse Team is allowed to skip practice on Saturday to help out. We need dogs to wash! Lots of doggies!

I know that Ashburn VA is FAR for DC residents! The drive is well worth it though. Saturday September 19 has another great event in Ashburn! The well know holistic pet store named Dog Gone Natural is celebrating its new location.

You can wag by the Dog Gone Natural Festivities Saturday from 11AM to 3PM before we wash your pooch, as we wash your pooch  or after we have washed your pooch!

Attending the event will be local rescue groups with dogs & puppies for adoption, pet sitters, holistic vets, photographers, and representatives from the various products offered at DogGone Natural. In addition, raffles will be held all day with prizes well over $2500.

There will be several special guests this year that will attend the event including Charles Mann (former Washington Redskins Great), The Hogettes and Chief Zee (Redskin Super-Fans). Creator of “Great Life Pet Products” and holistic doctor; Elliott Harvey will talk with the audience about animal nutrition. Elliott Harvey MH, is the author of the highly acclaimed natural healing book “The Healthy Wholistic Dog”.

Finally, the day will feature the truly inspirational 2 Dogs 2000 Miles trio. Luke Robinson and his two dogs Hudson & Murphy are walking 2,000 miles, from Austin to Boston, with his two Great Pyrenees dogs over a two-year period to raise awareness of Canine Cancer.  Their march is to bring awareness to this frightening issue and stimulate interest in the funding of canine oncology studies that will help not only dogs but also people.

So if you missed 2 Dogs 2000 Miles at the Wag’N 4 The Cure Event there is your chance.

Wag’N will take donations at its booth!

So what are you waiting for? Start the Adventure. Venture out the Beltway to Help the DC Fire Department and have a blast! See you there!


Why Civilians Order Pet Oxygen Masks

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“Civilians” were using pet oxygen masks first. Well veterinarians are considered civilians in the Wag’N Dictionary. The masks were originally developed for use by veterinarians in veterinary clinics. It took a couple of years for them to evolve into rescue tools for first responders across the country.

So other than veterinarians and first responders, what kind of “civilian” would find use in this nifty equipment?

– Breeders who want to make sure “Mama” Dog and her pups can get appropriate oxygen levels following the birth.

Pet parents whose pet has been diagnosed with respiratory distress and/or cardio pulmonary diseases. Normally oxygen passes readily from the lungs into the bloodstream and is pumped by the heart to all parts of the body. When lung disease occurs, oxygen may not be able to pass as readily into the bloodstream. When the heart is diseased, it may not be able to pump as much oxygen-carrying blood.

In other cases veterinarians will recommend providing supplemental oxygen therapy to help the pet recover from a trauma, following a surgery, following chemotherapy, etc.

Just want to remind readers that “supplemental oxygen therapy” can be administered in 4 ways:
– Face Mask (pet oxygen mask),
– Nasal Oxygen,
– Oxygen Cage,
– Intratraceal oxygen
Ask your vet if pet oxygen masks are right for your pet.

As a civilian you WILL NEED a Prescription.
Most pet oxygen mask suppliers only supply the masks and oxygen tubes. Not the tank.
Wag’N ONLY provides the masks and oxygen tubes.

Pet oxygen masks are simple to use, fairly inexpensive, and readily available.
The downside is that the pet patient must be attended at all times. Some pets don’t like the masks.

How do I go about ordering oxygen once my physician prescribes it?

Your veterinarian may recommend an oxygen supplier to you, or you may look in the yellow pages under “Oxygen.” When selecting an oxygen supplier, consider the following:

* Will the company deliver and install the equipment?
* What is the company’s delivery policy?
* A flow meter and a regulator are attached to the tank to adjust the oxygen flow. Make sure its included in your first order. Inquire if there is an additional cost.
* Provided the prescribed flow rate, how much oxygen will you need daily weekly, etc? Based on that, how many tanks should you order?
* How long does it take to get a refill from order date?
* Are they open 24/7?
* When do they deliver?
* What kind of customer support does the company offer?
* Does the company provide information on the use and cleaning of the equipment?


Washington DC Fire Department Needs Pet Oxygen Masks

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Wag’N is wagging its best to raise enough funds to help the Washington DC Fire Department acquire 11 PET OXYGEN MASK KITS. Each kit is priced at $85. That means we need to raise $935.In this case no shipping fees are required.


There are many ways to help:
1) If you live in DC, go by The Big Bad Woof, 117 Carroll Street NW, DC • Weekdays 10am-8pm • Weekends 10am-6pm • In the heart of Old Takoma, one block away from Takoma Red Line Stop. Donations can be made in the store.

2) If you want to help, have a dog and live in Northern VA come by Bark’N Bubbles Dog Wash Herndon Saturday September 19 between 11AM and 3PM. Wag’N volunteers will wash your pooch while you relax! Price per wash is $21. A donation box will also be available.

3) You can swing by the Wag’N 4 The Cure event September 12 and/or 13 at Dogma Bakery in Arlington VA. The event is primarily about raising funds for Canine Cancer Research however there will be several ways to make donations. For more information about the event and how you can participate click HERE

4) You can also make donations online via the site in two ways
a) Make a donation to O2 Fur Life Fund HERE
b) Gear Wag’N Charity Gear HERE
c) Sponsor the DC FIRE DEPT by making a kit donation HERE

5) By making a check payable to:
Wag’N Enterprises
Add “O2FurLife – DC Fire” in the comment line
and send it to
Wag’N Enterprises, LLC
Attn: O2 Fur Life – DCFIRE
795 Center St, Ste 5B,
Herndon, VA 20170

Every fire department across the country needs pet oxygen masks on their fire engine or to a minimum at least one per Battalion Chief.
Washington DC Fire needs more than 11 kits!
Due to the economy and the DC budget, pet oxygen mask kits need to be donated to the department at this time.

The 11 kits will be distributed as follows:
Each Battalion Chief will get 1 set (there are 7 Battalion Chiefs) and
Each K9 Unit will be outfitted with one set (there are 4 K9 Units).
The first goal is to get these 11 kits. Wag’N will keep raising funds for DC Fire!

Pet oxygen masks save pet lives. Just like humans pets suffer from smoke inhalation when there is a residential fire. Human masks are not the best fit (our facial anatomy is just too different). No one is asking the firefighters to choose human over animal life. If a firefighter saves a pet, that pet will need oxygen on the scene just like we do! Smoke inhalation can be fatal to all living beings! Please help us make a difference!

Remember that the pet’s life they save could be your own!
All help is appreciated!

Semper Wag’N

About the Map of Departments That Carry Pet Oxygen Masks

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The map shown in the right hand column can be used to search for departments WE know of already have the kits. If your department has the kits and is not listed there please send us an email at O2FurLife @ wagn4u [dot] com. Please let us know how you got them!

Welcome To The Pet Oxygen Mask Blog

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We are here to blog about fire, EMS, Police departments and Military, SART & CERT Teams,K9 Units, Search & Rescue Teams that have acquired the life saving equipment, namely Pet Oxygen Masks.

Over 40,000 pets each year die of smoke asphyxiation. Pet Oxygen masks are cone-shaped masks that can be used both on conscious pets that have suffered from smoke inhalation and pets that need to be resuscitated after losing consciousness as a result of their exposure to the dangerous toxic fumes.

This blog is brought to you by Ines de Pablo from VA based Wag’N Enterprises, LLC.

Wag’N provides pet oxygen masks to all the department types listed here above as well as individuals who need to keep their pets on oxygen therapy and breeders. Our focus though is bringing pet oxygen masks to first responders across the USA & Canada.

We are really trying to get a discussion Wag’N for all those of you fellow readers that want to learn more about:

– why departments need pet oxygen masks,

– success stories

– how to use them

– what the options are

– how to acquire them

– how to find out which departments already have them

– how you can donate

– how you can make a request for donations

– who can donate them

– misunderstandings about the concept, etc

All these topics and then some will be covered here.

If you have any questions please feel free to post. We do check to control spammers.

No use of profanity and/or insults permitted.

Semper Wag’N

Rescue Alert Stickers Are Just The Beginning

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Losing a pet in a house fire can be a devastating experience. As most pet owners leave their furry companions home alone when they go to work, pets are left to fend for themselves in the event of a house fire. Although installing ‘rescue alert stickers’ may seem sufficient to some, the pets life is not assured. Unlike humans looking to run out during fires, pets instinctively look for a hiding place to protect them from the fire.

When first responders arrive at the scene, the alert sticker will them identify a residence with pets. Please keep in mind that when that pet is extricated from the burning structure that pet will have inhaled toxic amounts of smoke, toxic fumes (from burning rugs, carpets, household chemicals, plastic, etc) and will suffer from Smoke Inhalation. First responders will need to provide pure oxygen on the scene before transport to that pet in order for it to have a change at recovery. Smoke inhalation kills people and pets. We all have lungs!

So get your Alert Sticker but remember to provide your first responders with this additional tool for their toolbox, namely the Pet Oxygen Mask Kits. That will truly make a difference in your pets chances at recovery.

Pet Oxygen Masks can resuscitate animals suffering from smoke inhalation. They can be used on dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, even birds and they are the perfect solution for emergency responders. We encourage you to support your local Fire/EMS and Police Departments with donations to help them acquire such necessary equipment.